The fight between the office work and site work…

One issue I want to discuss: I received an issue regarding a hydraulic equipment Windlass Escort Towing Winch. It’s a modification to add some valve in the system. I got details, drawings which should be revised and agreed by the Manufacturer.

As I mentioned above, the office work is planning, analyzing, and giving a solution. I analyzed it. The hydraulic drawing of the equipment showed different than the one received. According to drawing, the modification was done in the shipyard, when the vessel was delivered.

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As I know from my experience, during the vessel construction phase, in the shipyard there are a lot things going on. And it is possible the related modification to be postponed or canceled. Also, the modification is related with a full series of vessels so, it’s extremely costly. And the Manufacturer is trustworthy and famous.

Now they want an answer, the modification was accepted/agreed.

My point of view on this hydraulic issue is… it cannot be solved or agreed from the office without knowing the real situation on site. So, now comes the frustration between the office and on site.

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The decision maker needs to have all information and check with his own eyes, the real status of the equipment involved in this case the hydraulic winch.

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In this situation, I would recommend a visit on site together with Manufacturer’s representative and check the real situation. Then, a meeting with all the parts involved and decide if the modification is needed.