Hydraulic Repair & Maintenance Expert Readily Available

With more than 12 years of experience in the marine and offshore industry, working on site always a tough environment but also smell the clean and refreshing air form office.

Maintaining & Troubleshooting Hydraulic Equipment

Gained knowledge and skills working as Hydraulic Troubleshooter maintaining and service electro hydraulic equipment’s in shipyards, ports, assembly and repair workshops, sailing with vessels.

Optimal Maintenance Procedure

Through analyzing the defects occurred of your hydraulic equipment, I can predict a good maintenance procedure which also leads to stopping the recurrences.

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Hydraulic Repair & Maintenance Expert

Hands on experience combine with engineering thinking, working in different places around the world with different nationalities makes me a good partner for your business. Hydraulic repair is costly but with clear schedule of maintenance, your hydraulic equipment is in good hands.


Cash saving which keeps the business alive


Stopping the recurrences of defects of your hydraulic equipment


Reporting is another key for maintaining hydraulic equipment in good shape


Massive archive of hydraulic-related documentation


Years of experience

Your project is in good hands

Useful Marine Hydraulics Tips

For more practical information about hydraulics check regularly Marine Hydraulics Tips.

Hydraulic Basics

Hydraulic Tips

Hydraulic Maintenance

Maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment

Maritime Hydraulics Experience

Worked as service/commissioning engineer in maritime/naval and oil/gas industry round the clock and worldwide

Deck Crane Maintenance

Worked as Deck Crane Service and Maintenance expert. Inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of deck crane and hydraulic winches (anchor and mooring, tugger, anchor handing winches).

Maritime Hydraulics Experience

Commissioning and service of equipment such as provision cranes, Launch and Recovery System(LARS) and different kind of winches: anchor and mooring winches, auxiliary winches, umbilical winches.

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