About Me

my experience as a hydraulic engineer

Worked as service/commissioning engineer in maritime/naval and oil/gas industry round the clock and worldwide.

Gained knowledge and skills working as Hydraulic Troubleshooter in shipyards, ports, assembly and repair workshops, sailing with vessels.
Accumulated experience that can make me function with self-confidence, and I believe that each day brings new professional challenges which I try to overcome.

I’ll summarize on this page my experience gain so far.

Nowadays work in a shipyard as Technologist a technical person who provides technical solutions to different electrical problems that occur during dry dock repairs for various type of vessels.

Commissioning/service engineer in oil and gas industry. Commissioning and troubleshoot equipment such as provision cranes, Launch and Recovery System(LARS) and different kind of winches: anchor and mooring winches, auxiliary winches, umbilical winches.

Also commissioning and troubleshoot winches used on fishing vessels: Net winches, Trawler winches, Gilson winches.

Coordinated, checked and troubleshot the work carried in assembly workshop. The work consisted of steel and stainless steel piping installation of 10 pieces of A-Frames equipment part of Launch and Recovery System(LARS).

Traveled worldwide and worked as Crane troubleshooter expert. Inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting of cargo and provision crane.

The work was carried on ports during cargo operations and sometimes sailing with vessels from 1 to 4 days while doing crane maintenance and trained the vessel crew regarding the safe operation of the cranes.

Worked as crane troubleshooter in a harsh environment to one of famous and biggest company in the world.

Traveled in the Middle East and Asia working in hottest places on earth, this job has hardened me and showed me truth beneath the trees.

macgregor troubleshooter
Santier naval ct

I still remember the days spent it working at the naval shipyard from my hometown.

As a young electrical engineer, I was involved in a shipbuilding program of 5 new vessels-chemical product tankers.

Working with passion and enthusiasm because I had a clear scope to learn and gather as much information as possible about shipbuilding.

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