Nowadays I revising my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

Adjustments of crane brake bands, another interesting job I did which was done in one of the hottest places on earth…Dubai dry dock.

I was attended on the vessel for brake band adjustments, together with one senior colleague. It was a good opportunity for me to find out more troubleshooting tips.  Better said to understand how does hydraulics work and how the adjustment of different hydraulic equipment is done.

crane brake bands

Most of the times after vessels leaving dry dock repairs still some pending jobs remain to do. In this case, due to time limitations in dry dock, the cargo cranes were unchecked.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through.Do you have A Great Story About it? Write and share them here!

So..we had to do a crane inspection and adjustments of crane brake bands.

First, we made a visual inspection of the crane then checked the crane operation.

We found some problems on the brakes. We had to troubleshoot the brake for luffing and hoisting winch.

For luffing winch, the brake bands were worn out. Still, we had to adjust the brake bands until new ones will be installed. The parameters indication were wrong – the mechanical device was in the wrong position.

luffing brake band

I proceeded according to technical book and adjusted the brake. All the times I use the guidance of the manual of the equipment and I recommend it.

The problem with adjustments of crane brake bands is access work.  The access work for this mechanical job is limited like all the cranes, space is very narrower, is grease all over the place and is slippery.

Two men are required for brake adjustment. One man is operating the crane joysticks and the other one is riding the winch adjusting the brake.

Note: If the brake bands are worn out the adjustment are useless.

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