Clutch mechanism

Clutch safety

The clutch mechanism enables the drum of the  winches to rotate freely. Is a device comprises a cylinder trigger  a fork that connect and disconnect a driving unit usually a drum shaft.

Nowadays involved in new building concept that uses lot of winches, mooring, hoisting, leveling, umbilical, auxiliary winches part of an interesting system to facilitate a infrastructure project.

Clutch fork

clutch fork
Clutch fork

By engaging the clutch, is exerting  torque on the winch drum via drive mechanism to spool a big load such as chain with anchor.  Disengaging the clutch allows the drum to rotate freely, that makes easy pulling of the wire rope or mooring lines.

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Hydraulic clutch

Hydraulic clutch is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. When certain pressure is reached in the system cylinder extend giving free rotation. When the maximum free spooling speed is exceeded the brake is automatically apply. During  free spooling the hydraulic pressure to the band brake cylinder is proportionally controlled to regulate the braking force.

hydraulic clutch
Hydraulic clutch

The system on the anchor winch and mooring winch facilitate a controlled operation during both anchor deployment and retrieval, providing the necessary torque when required and allowing for manual control over the winch drum.

Clutch systems on mooring and anchor winches often include safety controls to prevent accidental engagement or disengagement during operation. May include interlocks, limit switches, or sensors that detect the position of the mechanism and ensure proper alignment before engagement. Additionally, some systems incorporate fail-safe mechanisms to automatically disengage the clutch in the event of power loss or system malfunction.

clutch safety
Safety control

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  1. I post up one of the hydraulic diagram about clutch system of one of the the mooring winch I worked. Will be clearer when theoretical information will meet practical view of the clutch mechanism.

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