Commissioning of LARS Equipment

I attended as hydraulic troubleshooter in Bergen Port Norway on ROV vessel for commissioning of LARS equipment.  I sailed with vessel almost 4 weeks up to Las Palmas.

The story of this service job is like any other one. Just go there, follow and do commissioning. Short job description just I knew that one of my colleague was on board and I had to replace him and he will hand over the status of the installation.

I knew a little bit about the equipment. I just delivered from assembly workshop 1 piece. It was first equipment delivered by this company let say more and less a prototype. So this first equipment delivered was installed on this ROV vessel.

On board most of the people were upset about the LARS equipment. Of course lot of difficulties occurred during the commissioning which is normal. No clear procedures, no synchronization between hydraulic and automation, leaking in the hydraulic system, brake of the umbilical winch was not adjusted properly. The work was moving slow.


It was supposed to spool the wire rope onto the drum of umbilical winch.  An issue occurred on the spooling device which was driven by a hydraulic cylinder. Because of the load – wire rope load the cylinder was not retracted. The operation valve block was not set while hydraulic cylinder was under load. It was hydraulic valve block from Eaton.



The operation stops and people were looking to me very annoyed. I was surprised because I knew it was tested before in workshop but at moment I didn’t figure out the cylinder is under load. In the workshop was tested but without load. Again as mentioned before lot people are involved in such work and one of them caught my attention. When under load it needs force means more pressure in system. I adjusted the operational valve by increasing the pressure and cylinder retracted and continued the spooling wire rope operation.

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  1. Regarding the hydraulic valve block I can say from my experience that during commissioning of a hydraulic equipment some electro-hydraulic valves which are used for operation should be set. During commissioning the equipment is used in normal working condition and operational valve may not be adjusted accordingly.
    In the workshop after installation of a hydraulic equipment a basic checks are made. Operating the hydraulic double acting cylinders, rams, hydraulic motors unloaded. Observing leaks and smooth motions.
    During commissioning faze should be keep in mind this aspect.

    For more in-depth information about hydraulics check regularly Troubleshooting page.

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