Constant tension

Constant tension

To prevent hoisting wire during and after unloading operation in rough environment and challenging operation a constant tension system is in use.

The system can be integrated directly into the winch itself. The winch is designed with built-in components and mechanisms to maintain the tension of the steel rope constant. Alternatively, it can be a separate system connected to the winch, designed to monitor and adjust tension independently. The choice depends also on the specific application, equipment design, and operational requirements.

Function of the constant tension

A constant tension system is a mechanical and hydraulic setup designed to maintain a constant level of strain to the hoisting wires. Practically in the system is exerting a constant force in a hydraulic component that is subject to a load. And if this component work is part of unloading operation for example a hoisting frame the hoist line shall be kept tension to avoid snatch load.

Therefore the system is use to counteract any changes in tension that might arise due to external factors like wind, temperature, weight fluctuations, and operational variations.

A constant device comprises of hydraulic cylinders, piston accumulators and also a hydraulic manifolds.  

A large compressed piston accumulator, keeps the tension at a constant value to the hoisting line while the load moves up and down on the waves.

PLC control the tensioning device

System automation is control by a type of PLC, the CAN communication network connected to the designated manufacturer of PLC.

From starting to hoist up to the load is arrange as need it, the system has a few modes that facilitate good operation. The phase of each movement it has an operation mode. Depends of how complex is the operation can be 2 to 3 modes.

Function of the piston accumulator-adjust position of accumulator use for constant tension device follow and let me know

To conclude
  • A constant device system is a mechanical and hydraulic setup design to maintain a constant level of tension;
  • In addition the system is use to counteract changes in tension that can occur during operation ;
  • The the system has a few modes that facilitate good operation.

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