Crane Stabilizing Winch

Crane Stabilizing Winch

Stabilizing equipment prevents crane swing

In order to obtain maximum work cycle with minimum crane swing of the load the crane is equip with stabilizing winch installed inside crane house. Therefore stabilizing winch balance the crane operation by preventing and controlling the load swing.

In addition stab winch prevent the upper part of power swivel from turning when the load is rotated.

Function of the stab winch

The hydraulic system of the stabilizing winch is connect to the hoisting winch system of the crane.


Hoisting motion of the crane is handle by hoisting winch that operates through the wire rope the hook of the crane.

When the crane is ready to operate, the brake of the hydraulic motor opens and the wire rope tightens on the winch drum. The tension in the stabilizing winch wire is dependent of the load in the hook.

As soon as the hoisting controller is move the control pressure activated the sdv a valve. When lifting motion is engage the solenoid on the  sdv valve b is activated. When the stabilizing winch runs in pulling-in direction the oil is supplied to the motor and run through the shut-off valve b , flow control valve and check valve inside the counter balance valve (cb). The oil returns from the motor to the main system via the shut-off valve a and sdv a valve.

When hoisting controller is move to lowering the same actions occur as lifting motion. As now the wire is paying out of the drum winch that mean also the stab winch need to withdrawn the wire from the drum. So, the stabilizing winch motor run via the sdv a valve and shut-off valve a. The oil returns from the motor through the counter balance valve (cb). This valve counteracts pulling out the stabilizing ropes when the feed pump has stopped.

Stab system for crane swing

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