Docking Head

One important part of the LARS system is docking head.  Through docking passes the wire rope form umbilical winch which holds the ROV locked mechanically and hydraulically.

The LARS (Launch and Recovery System) is a type of offshore system that is use to launch and recover equipment such as a remotely operated vehicle. The system consists of a series of winches, wires rope, wire sheaves, hydraulic components and lot of automation that together makes a fully operational system with a major spread in the oil and gas industry.

About Docking Head

The Docking Head is a part of A frame that is component of the LARS system. Docking comprises of cylinders and motors for longitudinal and transverse movement, shock damping, sensors and bullet lock.

Is design to be compatible with a specific type of submersible, and it is usually equip with a set of locking mechanisms that securely hold the submersible in place during launch and recovery operations.

These locking mechanisms may include hydraulic or mechanical clamps, latches, or hooks. They are designed to withstand the significant forces that can be generated during these operations.

In addition to the locking mechanisms, docking station may also be equip with sensors and cameras that provide feedback to the operator, allowing them to monitor the ROV position and orientation relative to the LARS. This feedback is critical during the launch and recovery process, as it helps the operator ensure that the submersible is safely and securely attached to the LARS.

Docking head overview

The docking head have the following features:

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