Hydraulic release multi disc brake

Hydraulic release multi disc brake

Fail safe multi disc brake

Fail safe hydraulic brake is be sure that the braking force is activated when required.

During normal operation hydraulic pressure keeps the discs within the brake case separated, allowing shaft rotation. If hydraulic pressure is lost, springs force the discs together, stopping rotation of driven shaft or brake shaft. 

Winches and slew machinery are equip with a fail safe brake. In case of hose or pipe failure or pressure drops suddenly the brakes are automatically apply and by a pressure device the equipment is stop.

Therefore I will mention and show the function of the mechanical brake

Symbolize the brake

Either is brake band or multi disc on the hydraulic diagram are represent in same manner as a hydraulic cylinder with spring. When check more details about the brake for the equipment it will show what type it is.


Hydraulic release multi disc brake diagrams

In fig.1 is represent the gearbox *G build into the slewing gearset with fail safe multi disc.  A pressure applied the brake release.

In fig.2  Is represent a 3 hydraulic motors with fail safe brakes on the driven shaft and when control pressure is apply the brake is release.

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