Hydraulic repair part 2

Hydraulic repair part 2

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

A ship crane need it to be serviced. Hydraulic motor for hosting winch had leakage.

I was going together with a mechanical fitter and carried out inspection of the cranes and hydraulic repair 2 of hoisting winch motor.

For more information about hydraulic browsing Hydraulic Basics page is a click distance

Many times I was travel and attending to a hydraulic repair job alone but this time I was with a experienced mechanical fitter. I mentioned in my articles that for hydraulic repair on board of vessel for good result is preferable to work with person who has knowledge of hydraulic equipment.

After some difficulties occurred in first days we managed to do a good job.

What is important on this kind of job and keep in mind that is a narrow place is to find a way to remove and lift a big equipment as hydraulic motor in a place, inside the crane where to dismantle it and change the seal kit. A good rigger is mandatory for this kind of job.

Imagine how many chain blocks, hydraulic jacks and improvised tools was used for this kind of job. Also it had to be release the mounting bolts for the hoisting winch drum and moved to the left hand side.

The dismantling of outfitting was huge, gratings, hydraulic blocks, and hydraulic hoses.

For a good procedure of removing and changing the seal kit for hoisting hydraulic motor of a deck crane just let me know.

In the end the achievement was that the ship crane it has been used to finish the cargo operation without employing an extra cost of shore/port crane.

After a week of difficult task for each parties, the hydraulic repair project was finish and everyone was relax.

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