Hydraulic repair

Hydraulic repair

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

Went for hydraulic repair in Iran Bandar Abbas port where I arrived during public holiday in a Muslim country. Imagine that.

 A ship crane need it to be serviced. Hydraulic motor for hosting winch had leakage.

I was going together with a mechanical fitter and we should carry out inspection of the cranes and hydraulic repair of hoisting winch motor.

The vessel was in port and cargo operation was in progress. Because of the leakage on the hydraulic motor it was used one port crane for unloading cargo.

During service a crew member was helping us.

When dismantling a motor or pump or brake cylinder inside the crane its a difficult task. But from my experience every job like this I managed to do it because I was working with good and experienced mechanical fitter besides me. And also a very important aspect is mind set.

 I keep in mind this aspects when going for difficult task  like dismantling a hydraulic motor for changing seals. Also thru this website I will share this kind of jobs.

The ship cranes was in bad maintenance condition, oil on crane house floor, slew drives (motors, brakes, gearboxes) rusted, hydraulic tank open and because of oil leakage was refill often.

During cargo operation cranes are used continuously the maintenance condition of cranes is poor. It only counts the ship cranes to function.

It was a tough week with plan changes and confusing facts every day. In the first days nothing was working, I was insomnia, I was getting in the mood of the people around me with cannot attitude. I was frustrated but suddenly I restarted my mind and things started to move in a right direction. The right mind set which I was talking earlier.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through. Have A Great Story About it? Have fun, write and share them here.

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