Installing of LARS A Frame

Attended and worked in a shipyard as hydraulic troubleshooter for installing of LARS A Frame.

I got familiar with the A Frame equipment because I knew every part of it.

  • I  worked in the assembly workshop, installing, testing, checking, and troubleshooting of this type of equipment.
  • I delivered from workshop 10 pieces.

When I was troubleshooting of deck crane I had several training regarding type of cranes I had to serviced. And I believe this method is a good way to work. First know the equipment from the assembly workshop or training and then on site the installation on the vessel will be easier.

Usually when it is a big job like this shipyard representatives are waiting you. They are anxious and stress. Easily you can get in this mood and you can fail or make some mistakes. Lots of people were involved in  installing of LARS A Frame so because of this gets safer. I say this because happen to me that time. I was close to break the HPU. Everyone was in hurry, getting questions from site and from office, they wanted to start the operation and finish the job quickly.

The suction valve of the HPU was close. And when I start the HPU the hydraulic pump was not building pressure. I panic for a few second. Close to me was a shipyard employee and noticed suction valve was close and caught my attention.

The installation of hydraulic system was complex. Lots of hoses, and pipes to be connected and make the equipment ready for operation. The A frame had to be brought in parking position in ROV Hangar. I knew the installation well as said above. I had the hydraulic drawing and I was confident although all people around me was scared and sceptical.








The job was good, I felt good and from now one I know how to manage the work in shipyards.

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