Maintenance of filter

Maintenance of filter
Filter - cleaning

Maintenance of filter

The function of a mechanical filter is to remove dirt from the hydraulic fluid, by forcing the fluid flow through a porous filter element, which catches the dirt.

The filters use in the system should always incorporate a visual clogging indicator or equip for continuous electric monitoring of clogging.

Filter clogging indicator

Filters remove a large percentage of dirt from the fluid only if the maintenance carried out on them. A filter which is not maintain allows dirt into the system affecting hydraulic component operation and contributing to oil deterioration. Check clogging indicator and proceed accordingly when need it.

Filter – Needs cleaning indicator

When indicator is by passing as above may allow dirt contaminated the hydraulic system.

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Filter elements must be cleaned or replace.  One way to clean a wire mesh element is to wash it in a clean solvent or hot soap water ammonia solution and blowing with clean air.

A way of cleaning filter

To check if the element is clean use a light source, and see the condition. If any dark or grey area indicate that requires a re-cleaning. Also ultrasonic cleaning of expensive elements is in use, is costly but will ensure the elements are restore. Elements of 40 micrometers (microns) or under have to be cleaned ultrasonically.

Lot of problems encountered in hydraulic system because of the hydraulic fluid. A frequent sampling and testing procedure of the fluid according to maker of the hydraulic equipment is a must.

Maintenance filter

All the time when I was on board, I carried sample bottle and when I was in doubt I collected oil sample for analysis.

Also a very important point to be provided an easy access to components required periodic inspection and maintenance such as strainers, sight gauges, fill and drain plugs and the various temperature and pressure gauges.


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