Maintenance Routine

maintenance routine leads to stopping the recurrences.

Maintenance Routine

Maintenance routine an important job to eliminate malfunction in the hydraulic system.

From my experience I know that if you don’t have a proper maintenance chart to be followed then the hydraulic system will fail very often.  The User Manual of the hydraulic equipment show procedure, maintenance chart and recommendations. Plenty information are available and advise to be followed to overcome breakdowns.

For a good procedure of removing and changing the seal kit for hoisting hydraulic motor of a deck crane just let me know

Check some picture where lack of maintenance routine leads to hydraulic equipment breakdown.

Neglected maintenance routine case 1
Slewing bearing bolt missing – neglected slewing bearing goes to breakdown of the equipment.
Neglected maintenance routine case 2
An improper way of filling the oil tank. In a hydraulic systems oil problems (level in the tank, contamination by dirty, air or water) are responsible for around three-quarters of faults.

Causes of hydraulic system breakdowns are:

• An inadequate filling of oil in the tank. For any hydraulic machinery the supply of oil should be done as per maker recommendation stated clear in the equipment manual.
• Leaking seals. Treat leaks from around the rods of cylinders with urgency. If oil is leaking out round the neck seal on the extend stroke, dirt is being drawn into the system on the return stroke and a minor leak can soon turn into a major system failure.
• Loose inlet lines, which cause pump cavitation and eventual pump damage

Also a very important point to be provided an easy access to components required periodic inspection and maintenance such as strainers, filters, sight gauges, fill and drain plugs and the various temperature and pressure gauges.

Maintenance is the first step to eliminate malfunction and breakdowns in the hydraulic system.

Though, maintenance routine should be done properly. Each equipment needs to have one maintenance chart. Follow up the equipment maintenance chart.

Also the people in charge should be aware of the importance of the maintenance procedure.

Records should be kept of past failures and the action initiated along with data containing details such as oil tests, oil changes, filter replacements, etc.

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