Meter out

meter out flow control method

Meter out is a flow control method use with an application of 2 way flow control valves.

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A metered flow – to be easy to remind – adjust a flow of fluid at a controlled rate.

I will discuss about “meter out” method

Flow control in a hydraulic system is achieved by flow control valve. Flow control valves are used to keep a set flow constant regardless of pressure variations.

Meter out control is used when a heavy object has to be tilted. The object will first oppose and then assist the cylinder, like, when you tilt a large package box. In such situation only this method can guarantee that the entire stroke will be done evenly.

Meter out

The advantage of this is that no counterbalance valve is needed.

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Speed control

The speed of a hydraulic cylinder depends upon the number of liters of oil supplied or removed per unit of time. To reduce the speed piston rod and control it, has to ensure that a fraction of the pump output does not flow to the hydraulic cylinder, but goes instead via the relief valve to the tank. Therefore by placing the flow control valve at the outlet of the actuator it controls the rate of flow exiting the hydraulic cylinder.

There are many disadvantage to meter-out control, in addition to the fact that the pressure on the rod side can be many times  greater that the pressure that have been set to the relief valve in order to render the system safety.  


When this method is use always take into account the maximum pressure that can be allowed on the rod end of the cylinder, when adjusting the pressure safety valve. Always check with the maker of the equipment if working under these conditions.

The piston seal of the hydraulic cylinder is always under maximum operating pressure and therefore wears out more quickly compare to meter-in control.

To Summarize
  • A metered flow adjust a flow of fluid at a controlled rate.;
  • Meter out control is used when a heavy object has to be tilted, first object will oppose and then assist the cylinder;
  • If meter out control is used, rate of flow exiting the hydraulic cylinder is control.

To conclude I shows advantage and disadvantage of this “meter out” method.

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