Open and closed hydraulic systems

open and close circuit

Open and closed Hydraulic Circuit

To perform a useful task a hydraulic simple circuit – open and closed circuit – consists of a group of parts such as pumps, actuators (motors and cylinders), control valves and conductors (pipe and hoses).

Hydraulic system divided into two basic circuits:

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Hydraulic simple open circuit

In open circuit, the return oil goes to the reservoir from which the hydraulic pump suction the oil.

The open circuit is standard circuit use in many industrial and mobile applications. Starting from machine tools and press drives to winch and mobile drives.

Closed circuit

Hydraulic simple close circuit

I am more familiar with this hydraulic close system, because my experience in deck cranes, different kind of deck winches and LARS system uses close system.

In closed system pump take oil directly from return line. Pump practically is fed back from the actuator.Therefore, return pipe and suction pipe are the same.

We have to determine the working pressure which depends on the magnitude of the load will build up in one of the hydraulic lines . The pressure is limited on the working pressure side to a safe value. A main pressure relief valve is in use to unload the working pressure side to return side.

As a result of the expansion of pipes under pressure and internal leakage from the pumps and motors need to add certain other components in the circuit. A feed or booster pump which suction oil from a common reservoir and supplies to close circuit.

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Open and closed hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic system divided in open and close circuit;
  • In open circuit, returning oil is directed to the reservoir from which the hydraulic pump suction the oil;
  • In close circuit return pipe and suction pipe are the same.

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