Repair Crane Jib

Repair Crane Jib

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

Secured the hook block and started to lift the jib with a shore crane. Try to bring the hook in proper condition. In this time the crane operator, release the hoisting wire. The hook block comes to proper condition but all the wire ropes for hoisting and luffing are out of wire sheaves. 

Top jib repair
Repair on the top of crane jib

Arrange the luffing wire on the sheaves and secured the wire rope on the luffing drum. Run the winch till wire rope pass thru the sheaves (middle and top sheaves) and entered inside the crane near to drum. The jib needs to be lifted with shore crane.

Maintenance an important job to eliminate malfunction in the hydraulic system.

Repair crane jib

Secure the jib by attached 2 long ropes to the end of jib and hold it and lifted the jib by the shore crane. In this time the operator run the winch and pulling the luffing wire to the luffing drum. Loosen the bolt that holds the limit switch box so much that the coupling /gear wheel for limit switch box and wire drum divides.

Always when working to the crane either maintenance, troubleshooting and repair crane jib follow procedures stated in manual of crane.

Attached the wire rope end around to the drum by the wire rope clamps and tighten the bolts. After some numbers of revolutions of wire on the drum the jib was lifted to a safety level. Place the jib in the rest position.

Repair carried to bring the crane to working condition.

Carry out visual inspection on the crane’s jib. Climb it on the crane with a basket and checked the condition of the jib. Inspected the end jib and found the wire sheave guards broken. Checked the first dent where the jib rest on the container and found smooth and not sharp dent it has a reasonable depth. The condition of the second dent found it more sharp and dangerous.

Hoisting wire is in bad conditions. The crane is not operational.

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