Troubleshooting of anchor windlass winch

hyd motor on position

Hydraulic troubleshooter of anchor windlass/escort towing winch.

Nowadays I revising my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

One of the worst scenarios is to travel by plane 6 hours night time in an airplane with small sits and lack of distance between sits. After traveled more than 10 hours finally I got to the destination. I looked around, new airport, varied people, different procedure to get in. A driver was waiting for me; he had a board with my name on it.

It was morning and the working day had just started. Suddenly I realized that I am there for a job and I won’t get the chance to sleep soon.

I had a job in a shipyard to repair and troubleshooting of an anchor windlass/escort towing winch of a tugboat.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through.Do you have A Great Story About it? Write and share them here.

After a memo meeting with the people in charge, I found that I had to put my coverall and start the work immediately because there was no time and we had to finish fast. The next day, morning time the system had to be delivered to the client.

The job was to replace the hydraulic motor of an anchor windlass /escort towing winch. The job was not complicated still I had to perform well as a professional hydraulic troubleshooter. Remove/Refit hydraulic motor Compact CA 140.

As I mentioned before a job description can vary. Onsite or onboard of the vessel could be different situation compare with information got at the office. During morning memo meeting, it can establish what and how a job will be done.

It was a good job, perfectly synchronized.The job was planned and it went well.

Everything was done perfectly. Sometimes you need to be creative and don’t give up when you have something in your mind.

remove/refit hyd mot

Everything was running smoothly, of course, the guys were prepared they just wanted me there because I was from the maker side like a guarantee.

They discovered some broken parts (springs) in the hydraulic system. To be on the safe side they decided to change the hydraulic motor.

At evening time everything was ready and set to go.

During testing, some leakage occurs. Rectified the leakage and tested further the operation of the system. The hydraulic motor was installed properly and system operationally was satisfactory.

hyd motor on position

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