Troubleshooting Of Deck Crane Speed Encoder

Troubleshooting Of Deck Crane Speed Encoder

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

I attended on one vessel in the container terminal for troubleshooting one of the deck cranes. This time was a electrical issue about a speed encoder alarm showing in the electronic unit.

Deck crane speed encoderI worked many times in the container terminal and is a time pressure on your shoulder more that other troubleshooting places.  The jobs are easier and and can be inspections or some small defects. But this small defect are for experience troubleshooter.

This job was tricky because I was not an experience troubleshooter and time pressure on my shoulder was stressful.


Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through. Have A Great Story About it? Have fun, write and share them here.

In this container terminal nowadays the cargo operation is very fast process and If you not finish the job in time you’ll get lot of complains which will reflect on your working company.

On board most of the persons are relax and bored. They guide you very friendly to the person in charge.

After discussion of the crane problem together with crew member going on the crane and try to understand the issue and the troubleshoot. Start and operate the crane. After checking for while for hosting operation shows on the electronic card an alarm – no speed detected by speed encoder. I knew from the manual if this error occur encoder or electronic card could be broken and have to be replace.

Replacing of the deck crane speed encoder was not an option because was not available on board.Continuing to investigate and struggle few hours. It didn’t happened this fault before in my troubleshooting jobs. Checking the manual of the crane and try to found out about the alarm. Operating the crane up and down and the speed of the hoisting winch was fast in a brake open position. After tested results were the same error was shown. I was pressed by the time and still no solution.

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Then…when I was tired and  with no hope to solve it I went one more time to the winch to check encoder device installation. And found it. Deck Crane speed encoder was wrong installed. Can it be? How come? Why I didn’t check first time?

Installed proper and check the hosting operation and was OK.

I learn something from this experience. First thing when troubleshoot check and eliminate the easy things first.



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