What is a hydraulic symbol?

What is a hydraulic symbol?

hydraulic symbol common ones

Through this page, I tried to make a short description about hydraulic symbol although the subject is well known. If google it sure it will be found some good information about hydraulics.

Even though the subject is widely known I will show more deeply information from source, where I learned and understand this hydraulic component.

For more information about Hydraulics, browsing Hydraulic Basics is a click distance.

I remember the days when I was at the beginning of my carrier and I was struggling and trying to understand the schematics, which consists of a number of symbol. Lots of memories are coming in my head right now. I had many questions about schematics and still have but the beginnings were painful. Looking answers everywhere trying to see through schematic lines and symbols the function of the hydraulic equipment.

Symbols are the starting point of learning hydraulic diagram. To investigate the function of a machine we need a diagram. In order to make a hydraulic schematic understandable every device of the equipment is it represented by a symbol.

To ensure that everyone can read the symbols the standard used are internationally recognize. The symbol represent a specific function not the actual dimensions, technical design, maker of the device.

The reason learning symbols is to be able to understand the hydraulic schematics. This is necessary to be able to understand the function of a hydraulic system. In addition when faultfinding is carried on to identify a broken component, which can led to system malfunction.

In my first service jobs, I was trying to pick up very quickly and whatever table of hydraulic symbols come out in my way I was studying.

For an easy learning of symbols, I would say that it need to work practically and looking to symbols for each component that you come across during your daily work. 

Keep in mind, Hydraulic system intervention required skill personnel. A trained person counts and he is priceless therefore his labor work within trained field is more appreciative that none.

From my point of view, this table of symbols I recommend learning first. The space in front of symbol allows naming it.

The most common symbols show it below:

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