Troubleshooting of Provision Deck Crane

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

I attended to a vessel for inspection and troubleshooting of a provision deck crane. During the load test the crane was not lifting the safe working load (3 tones). It lifted just 2.75 tones.

Checked the pressure and found 210 bars. As per technical specification of the deck crane the pressure was wrong adjusted. It had to be 200 bars maximum while pulling. Usually the safety valve are sealed and in case it need it to be adjusted only the maker service engineer can do it.

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Since pressure was with 5% higher the problems could be with the hoisting motor.

I recommended the motor to be overhauled and tested the efficiency in the workshop.

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It’s not advice to increase setting/pressure on safety valve for hydraulic system without consulting the equipment manual.

I met this kind of mistakes, if they see the hydraulic equipment is not working properly they just look for a way to adjust something a valve or whatever is for adjustment. It’s a careless way to resolve things or maybe is not time enough but with this work style, the hydraulic equipment will be damaged soon.

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That’s why the pressure was higher than supposed to be. During the load test in front of the surveyor the valve was adjusted. Check the equipment manual and adjust the valve accordingly.

It was a provision deck crane of one side of the vessel.  It’s not in use so much this crane and nobody look at it to much. But once in five years it needs a warranty certification given by the surveyor that allows working the crane and can be used further.

Troubleshooting of a provision deck crane could be difficult if you are not follow the maker procedure.

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