Lack of maintenance of ship crane

Lack of maintenance of ship crane

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

In all my jobs until now I meet lot of problems coming from lack of maintenance of hydraulic equipment. In one of my first jobs as troubleshooter I attended on a vessel  with the crane jib/boom fell because of absence of ship crane maintenance.

I will discuss about the lack of maintenance of ship crane. Many times on my job I noticed the jib bearings are neglected. Especially the bearing near the hoisting winch because is hidden.

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On this vessel the greasing pipe was broken and I had to find a way to grease the crane jib bearing. The bearing plate and bolts were rusted and not any grease around it.  Because I didn’t find spares on board together with fitter I improvised and fabricated a device (copper pipe) for greasing the bearing. Luckily you can get everything on board of the vessel and can solve lot of problems.

Also I noticed the greasing hand tool and question like how much grease should be use.

After me is like that; pour until you see grease going out. I tell why I say like this; because in the service jobs you are not sure what happened before you, what maintenance procedure follow the guy before you or if it follow something.  Also you can see the condition of the gear or equipment you want to grease.

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The greasing tool is very important. You cannot properly grease a slew bearing for example with a hand grease pump. For this you need an air powered grease pump.

Now from the office point of view I can say the maintenance is very important for working life of a hydraulic equipment.

Check pictures and you’ll make your own conclusions.


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