Memo meeting

Memo meeting an important everyday morning discussion between contractor representative in this case shipyard and client representative for a better understanding of the jobs carried during dry dock repair.

Why I say it because if you don’t keep in mind of memo meeting each morning during repairs the work that takes place on board of the vessel can become disorganized.

During memo meeting, you can plan and decide together with client/ customer the work which will carry on board of the vessel each day. And more important decide it which jobs will be done and which is not done. Also is important to write down each point discussed and follow accordingly.

I received many doable jobs before vessel ETA but during onboard memo meeting, it was canceled. My last one was a job with brief description which needed time to be done. During memo meeting we discussed, analyzed and in the end, the job was cancel.


In the first days of repairs when lot of jobs are starting and lot of questions arise it’s better to establish from the beginning the technological process of the important jobs.

I try to participate to these meetings in the beginning to have a good understanding of the jobs which will be carried.  Also, I am active and ask questions when need clarification.

On electrical side I have to be careful and ask details because most of the people don’t bother too much of electrical issue. When they receive the estimation/quotation will cancel the job or they will try to negotiate. As the phrase goes, everything is negotiable…Is it so?

In the end, it’s about money but still, my job is to keep in mind of manpower and material consumed.

Working as technologist, is an exciting role and  I am aware that I have to keep in mind of customer needs but without neglected the other aspects of my role. Try to manage and find a way that everyone to be satisfied.

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