Jobs sound easy but aren’t

Nowadays I work as Technologist on electrical side in a shipyard.

I got a job a few days ago and description of the job was brief. I am used to these type of jobs that sound easy in the first place and I become worried.

As technologist my job is to clarify and understand what and how it has to be done an electrical job which implies technological process, manpower planning(hours need it), and materials. In other words, I am a like a Troubleshooter but with more responsibility that’s mean with my experience gain so far, I can decide better the technological process, labor, and materials consumed of an electrical job.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through.Do you have A Great Story About it? Write and share them here!

Morning day went on board of the vessel and participate to onboard memo meeting to find out details. Met with people in charge and discussed the job need to be done. Gathered all the needful information plus a more in-depth discussion with the superintendent.

replace parts with new ones

I got all I need it for a proper estimation – picture, drawings, the location of the replace/renew parts, available spare parts and in-depth discussion with the person in charge.

Estimation was accepted and the job reached in production.

Now in production, it needs to have proper and skills manpower. Also, it’s required proper planning by the person in charge of manpower e.g. foreman, electrical dispatcher.

Seems to me the production function good. In the end, the company, in this case, the shipyard went well and  the job looks like.

parts assembled

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