Deck Crane on fire

Nowadays I revising my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

Morning time in the office. I was at my desk browsing my email box. In one of the emails received was about a job that I had to attend in that morning.
One of our customers was calling urgently for a service engineer for troubleshooting of deck crane no.1.

I got the job description. I had to attend to a vessel for a small electrical problem. Usually if its small means trouble.

I prepared my tool bag, safety boots and coverall and took off. The ship was in the container terminal for cargo operation. The port was close to my office about 30 km.

I got on board of the vessel. The superintendent came to meet me. When ship superintendent is on board early in the morning it smells like big trouble.

After an open discussion, I found out that during the night inside the crane was a fire. Luckily nobody was injured. We went up to the crane house to check the
condition of the crane. A picture is worth a thousand words…

electrical cable damaged

slip ring burned

So… the hard work was starting. First, we’ve planned proper and then we started the job. Of course, everyone from shipside was willing to work and they were behaving nicely
because they realize that are facing a real problem.

I inspected the damages done by the fire and I found the electrical component damaged, the main cable supply and lighting cable damaged.

That means the requires repairs was to order and install electrical component damaged with a special cable. The problem was the delivery time of spare parts.

All these repairs will take some time anyway but more urgently was operating the crane. I started troubleshooting the crane.We decided to repair the crane temporarily
just for parking position of the crane.

I start the crane and surprise…the crane didn’t start.

Due to lack of maintenance of the crane the job was more difficult.

I troubleshoot further up to midnight but that day the crane was not operational. I tried my best to make it work.

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