What is a hydraulic accumulator?

What is a hydraulic accumulator?

picture with bladder accumulator

Through this page, I tried to make a short description about hydraulic accumulator although the subject is well known. If google it sure it will be found some good information about it.

Even though the subject is widely known I will show more deeply information from source, where I learned and understand this hydraulic component.

Hydraulic accumulators have the ability to store excess energy and release it when needed. They are useful tools for improving hydraulic efficiency.

Industrial accumulators are classified as hydro pneumatic. This type of accumulator applies a force to a fluid by the use of compressed gas.

A widely use type of accumulators is the rubber bladder and below will be presented it.

accumulator with bellows or bladders

The rubber bladder is compressed when the fluid under pressure is supplied to the hydraulic accumulators and the gas and oil pressure increases. Conversely, when accumulator supplies oil to the hydraulic system, the oil pressure drops and the rubber bladder expands.

Whenever additional oil is required by the system, it is supplied by the accumulator even as the pressure in the system drops by a corresponding amount.

The bladder is pre-charged with nitrogen to a pressure specified by the manufacturer according to the operating conditions. When the system pressure exceeds the gas pre-charged pressure, the oil valve opens and hydraulic fluid enters the accumulator.

Rubber bladder types consist of the following:

1.Steel pressure oil container

2.Rubber bladder separating the fluid and gas

3.Oil valve that prevents the bladder from being pressed out of the accumulator when the hydraulic pressure is lower than the charging pressure of the bladder.

4.When charging the bladder to the desired pressure required a gas valve

5.Valve cap

A common failure of accumulators is bladder punctures because faulty installation or neglected maintenance of the accumulator.

Check of the status of hydraulic accumulator

Accumulators can be used during power failure or when additional energy is needed. In certain situation, additional flow may be needed. An accumulator can be used to supplement the flow rate of a pump.

Accumulator should be equipped with a safety unloading valve. This valve allows the accumulators to be isolated and discharged to the tank prior to system maintenance.

What is a hydraulic accumulator
  • Devices that store energy called hydraulic accumulators.
  • Bladder or bellows accumulators is use where large capacities are involved.
  • When additional oil is require by the system, it is supply by the accumulator.
  • Bladder or bellow of the accumulator is pre-charge with nitrogen to a pressure specified by the manufacturer.
  • Accumulators can be used during power failure.

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