What is axial piston pump?

What is axial piston pump?

Through this page, I tried to make a short description about axial piston pump although the subject is well known. If google it sure it will be found some good information about it.

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Even though the subject is widely known I will show more deeply information from source, where I learned and understand this hydraulic component.

I will present here the axial piston pump because I know this type of pump. I serviced this kind of pump on board, bench tested and assembled in the workshop. From practical side I am familiar with this type of hydraulic pump.

Axial piston pumps convert rotary motion of an input shaft to an axial reciprocating motion of the pistons. A cylinder barrel with one piston bore is fitted with one piston along the axis of the pump. A swashplate is positioned at an angle with the piston shoe riding on its surface. As the barrel is rotated the piston shoe follows the surface of the fixed swashplate.

In one half of the rotation (0 – 180°) the piston moves out of the barrel giving an increasing volume.

In the second half of rotation (181° – 360°) the piston moves into the cylinder barrel, decreasing the volume and pushing the fluid into the system.

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

The shoe plate and bias spring force the shoes of the piston onto swashplate.

The port plate with kidney shaped holes separates the incoming fluid from the discharge fluid and is positioned at the opposite end of the cylinder barrel.

Axial piston pump components

A shaft is attached to the cylinder barrel that is connected to the prime mover.

The axial piston pump is one where the pistons are rotated about the same axis as the pump shaft and is one of the most popular for industrial applications.

Axial piston pump highlighted with port plate

The picture shown here has a number of pistons moving inside of cylinder barrel. One side of the pump has the inlet port the opposite side has the outlet side.

For piston pump animation, follow the link http://home.kpn.nl/RBrink1955/frm_e.htm

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