Load test of the ship cranes

Load test of the ship cranes

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

I was attending on board of the vessel for a load test of 6 ship cranes; these jobs are good because everything was clear from the beginning. I knew what I had to do, the scope of the job was clear…apparently!!!!  On site, everything was running smoothly but what seemed to be clear on the beginning turned into a battle between our sales department and the customer in the end. Definitely the money was involved and in the end ‘’It is all about the Benjamin’s’’. Therefore, no matter what, in this service job everything is a question mark.

In first day, I was working on board and preparing the cranes for load test. One of the cranes was not able to lift as required and need more checking but the scope of job was clear stated – Load Test of the Cranes, which meant that customer, was paying only the test.

Then the job quoted just on day and it could be finish, in one day. It was 6 cranes and one with problem which required more investigation. I had to come on board next day too.

Because of that, starting argue with crew and the job become tough and stressful for us in the field.

I checked the limit switches of the cranes then I adjusted the pressure switch or a load-limiting device that protect the cranes for overload and then I proceed the test.  For load test, it was used water bag.

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The crane was swing left and right then the prof load was left to hang for 5 minute in presence of surveyor.

Limit switches device of the crane was checked and found properly set according to crane manufacturer.

In the office, I had to make a big and clear service report, which explained what happened on board of the vessel.

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