Ship Crane Hydraulic Cylinder Repair part 2

Ship Crane Hydraulic Cylinder Repair part 2

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial or offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

Now my role is reversed. The other days I was on site as hydraulic troubleshooter doing repairs of electro hydraulic systems mostly ship crane and now I am in the workshop repairing and testing a deck crane hydraulic cylinder.

Next step in the hydraulic cylinder repair job was mounting the buffer plate with the help of overhead crane. I brought the buffer plate close to the cylinder rod I balanced and then I pushed it little by little with the pallet truck.

The trust plate was place above the piston head and attached to the cylinder rod. Overhead crane was used again for screwing the piston head on the cylinder rod.

The cylinder barrel had to be cleaned. I used a pressure water cleaner. A  thin long pipe is attached  to the trigger gun. On the other end of the long pipe is a special sort of brush which is cleaning very smoothly the inner cylinder barrel.

Next step was to lock the piston head on cylinder rod. I drilled 4 holes and I inserted 4 pins.

Then with the overhead crane I took the barrel and cylinder rod and placed on the conveyor table for assembly.

With the help of conveyor trolleys located on the conveyor I had centered the barrel and the rod then gentle I inserted the rod inside the cylinder barrel.

Then the gland set had to be attached to the cylinder barrel. But before that, two o-rings must be placed on the gland. One o-ring prevents the leakage of oil along the piston rod and the other is a water proof o-ring.

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With the big spanner wrench I set and tightened the gland. Look below to see how it looks.

The pipes and the safety valves it was mounted in place. The pipes and the valves were properly clean painted and tested.

The hydraulic cylinder repair is close to the end. One more step is testing the cylinder at the prescribed pressure accordingly to the maker procedure.

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    Hydraulic cylinder reliable in a rough environment.

    In my way to office it cut off my way a cherry picker machine which took my attention the condition of hydraulic cylinder. This hydraulic cylinder is used for up and down motion of the platform attached to the machine boom or arm. The machine is used in hard environment and the cylinder is exposed often to dust, dirt and other foreign material surrounding his area of work. Also the piston rod has attached a bellow for protecting it.

    For more information about hydraulic browsing Hydraulic Basics page is a click distance

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