Slewing ring of umbilical winch

Slewing ring of umbilical winch

During assembly faze in the workshop of an umbilical winch part of LARS I had a big problem with the slewing ring.

I got familiar with the A Frame equipment because I knew every part of it. I was working in the assembly workshop, installing, testing, checking, and troubleshooting of this type of equipment.  It was delivered  from workshop 10 pieces. And I believe this method is a good way to work. Know the equipment from the assembly workshop and then on site for commissioning or installation on board of the vessel.

During testing in the workshop a noise was coming from the gear box of umbilical winch. The teeth of the slewing ring was found with 5 teeth steps on the outer side of the pinion of the motors.

slewing ring checks

slewing ring check 2




The gear box consisted in slewing ring with internal rim gear where pinion from motor drove the drum.

It was a big issue because the delivery date of the equipment it had to be change.

But luckily just 2 slewing ring was installed. A batch of 10 pieces of slewing ring was send it back to the producer to be machined again.

But before sent it away an engineer form the Maker side was coming in the workshop and found a high variation in the middle of the tooth for all teeth except five.

The things moved fast the delivery time was a bit extended but when you have a target in this case a firm contract to deliver everything from people and all the arrangements around them was matching perfectly. So…the power of people working together is something real and makes a difference.

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    As hydraulic troubleshooter I’ve done many checks of different equipments. One of them was checking a gearbox of umbilical winch noise. From the pictures it can be see the procedure I done to found the issue with the slewing ring. First with a straight steel piece (stift ruller) I have checked the flatness of slewing ring teeth and then I marked with red paint teeths which was suspected and operated the umbilical winch slow. The result is mentioned în the article: the teeth of the slewing ring was found with 5 teeth steps on the outer side of the pinion of the motors.

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