What is a control valve?

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What is a control valve?

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A valve is a mechanical device consisting of a body and internal moving part or parts used for adjusting or manipulating the flow rate of a liquid or gas in a pipeline. These parts connect and disconnect passages carrying fluid within the valve body. The function of the valve can be manually or from an actuator positioned pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically corresponding to an external positioning signal.

Control Valve in detail

The valve controlled is always indicating on the side of the symbol represented in hydraulic schematic.

In practice not all of the valves ports will be connect to a pipe, some of the ports will be plug.

What is a control valve?

The action of the moving parts, controls: direction of flow, maximum pressure, rate of flow.  This combination of the valve and actuator known as a control valve or an automatic control valve.

Hydraulically working energy directed and under complete control at all times. Direction, pressure and flow of a liquid without control will result in an inefficient system and could damage or destroy a machine and injure personnel. This hydraulically energy can be controlled using valves.

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What is a hydraulic motor?
  • A valve is a mechanical device
  • The moving parts of the valve, control the direction, pressure and flow
  • A valve controlled is indicating on the side of the symbol represented in schematic

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