Parking position of A frame

Parking position of A frame

From time to time, I have reminiscent to a previous job and new things related appear in my mind. And a revised or part 2 is necessary.

Therefore, I will add more details about Installation of A Frame job – Parking position.

The ship was special one. It had an Orange Logo on the side and onsite it was called, Orange vessel.

Lot of work was in progress, mostly steel and soft steel jobs, lot of power tooling on going. Staging, noise, smoke, gases elements which can disorientate you.

Considering this I had to be more careful regarding safety. The risk of injuries was more high. Also another aspect is safety – priority is safety no compromise on safety –  which in all times was and is in the first line of our lives and specially during working program.

Parking position of A frame

The Frame of LARS was laid on a key side.

A Frame on the key side

I was familiar with the equipment, I was witnessed when was delivered from workshop. In addition, I worked and supervised the mounting of each component, double acting cylinders, valves, operational control block, routing of pipes and hydraulic lines.

Also during workshop building process, I made, lot of test and of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic drawing was complex but was clear for me.  I have had most of the information need it to complete the job in safety and proper manner.

I knew that on board of the vessel it would be different. Because during building process in the workshop it cannot be solved all the aspects of the equipment in working/operation condition.

Because of that commissioning is an import phase, practically it can be tested the equipment in working condition.

Besides this, installation of the equipment on board- erection and fit up of the structure is an important job.

After erection and fit up completed, started connection of equipment-piping work. It was made a temporary hoses and piping connection with control block valves. The job was to operate the equipment until parking position.

In the beginning of the operation was some small issues mentioned but in the final, the project work completed without any problems.

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