Service Viking Hydraulic motor 63 series

Service Viking Hydraulic motor 63 series

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial and offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

I attended together with team of fitters on board and carried out service Viking hydraulic motor 63 series.

On this job I had a good cooperation with the ship crew and specially with the superintendent. The guy was very understanding and the ship crew was very helpful. Every time when we were asking some tools or some help with ship crane the answer was “yes”. It was a good atmosphere on board.

Service Viking Hydraulic motor 63 series

The motor was for a one side stern ramp driving a winch and was located outside on deck side. The condition of the machine was bad. The assembly was rusted and full of leakage and dirt. The motor valve block was rusted and could not be seen the dismantle bolts. It looked like was not in use for a long time. But curiosity that the steel wire rope was new. Today I think after I checked the pictures maybe the ramp was in operation until the motor broken and the winch cannot lifted the load. So…was in use but on the old vessels like this one this procedure is common, if is working the machine just use it until stops. Maintenance not followed regularly and because of this, the condition of equipment it was as described.

To dismantle the motor from winch bracket was fabricated a support like C frame and with the help of hydraulic ram and using heating torch it was pushed outside.

As mention I was appreciative of the ship crew also because was slackened the mounting bolt of the winch drum and easing our work.

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