Power Failure in Electronics

Power Failure in Electronics

Nowadays I revise my old article and I remember my experiences on board commercial and offshore vessels as hydraulic troubleshooter.

This job was a troubleshooting job, which is more complicated because it needs more time to solve it. And time in shipping industry is not available.  Also need to be experienced in this kind of job to solve it in time.

Therefore, I attend on board during cargo operations. The problem was power failure in electronics panel– red diode goes on while lifting hatch cover (31 tones). While lifting less cargo (2 tones) there is no problem.

In practical use, the problem was very stressful for crew side because the crane was not able to lift the hatch cover from cargo holds.

Lot of working/operation hours that meant the crane was used a lot.

Power Failure in Electronics

The condition of the crane was poor. Lack of maintenance was the main reason of the failure. Electrical Panels doors was missing, or tied it with a rope, leakages all over the hydraulic components, hoses tied it with ropes.

Poor maintenance of Hydraulic Equipment
Poor maintenance of Electrical Equipment

As per Maker recommendations, a detailed inspection of the electrical equipment was necessary at two-year intervals. However, as I mentioned the maintenance was poor so it was expected  an electric issue to occur.

Maintenance an important job to eliminate malfunction in the hydraulic system.

Starting to check electrical side. I focused on the power supply part, measuring, and checking according to Maker Book.  I found a loose wire on transformer side and I was thinking that this was the reason. But, the same failure occurred.

It was necessary for inspection of all electrical equipment in that cabinet. Components defective need it to be replaced. Screws and nuts to be tightened, all the switches and push buttons to operated correctly and cable connections to be perfectly tight and all the insulating parts intact. All the electrical cabinets’ doors to be repaired and gaskets to seal perfectly.

For more information, Part 2 is coming soon…

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