Access works for mechanical and electrical jobs

Access works required for most of the electrical and mechanical jobs on board of the vessels.

As hydraulic troubleshooter all the time struggle in crane house column. When checking crane devices the spaces were narrower and slippery and was a bit hard to do it.
But also is understandable because it cannot design a ship crane with a comfortable crane house column.
I remember one time when I had to adjust the brake band of the luffing winch. Read more and check how adjustment of crane brake bands was done

Also for electrical jobs access works is important. A common job in the shipyard is overhauling electric motors. The overhauling job means the electric motor needs to be disconnected, dismantle from the position and brought it to the electrical workshop. When the electric motor is dismantled from the position it needs to consider the access work involved – pipes around, any lamps and cable trays which can obstruct electric motor removal, handrails in the way…

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through. Do you have A Great Story About it? Write and share them here!

Mechanical jobs require also space that involves access works.
A lamp or cable tray may block the use of a chain block or a lifting device without which the required job cannot be done properly.

When I am on board of the vessel and clarified the technological process of a job I verified also if it requires any access works. The client should be aware of this important aspect of the job because it will be an extra cost.

For more in-depth information about hydraulic systems check regularly Troubleshooting page

Access works required for most of the electrical and mechanical jobs carried on board of the vessels. I keep in mind about this important aspect before starting to estimate a job.

Access works

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