Production area

Production is the place where things materialized and become reality. Working in production area is difficult is a tough environment with a lot of people involved.

I have worked in production area many years and I understand pretty well how it functions. As a troubleshooter, I confronted with a lot of doubts jobs and sometimes become angry and nervous because didn’t realize the business behind the job. A lot of time is consuming – good time though – in other departments like design and engineering.  Then in production, for doing the work and getting it done the time is short and stressful.

As crane troubleshooter being in difficult situations facing strange jobs and pressed to solved it in a short time. This is production area resolve problems no matter what without knowing how it came to such difficulties.

Troubleshooter jobs, good and mad that you went through. Have A Great Story About it? Have fun, write and share them here.

As hydraulic troubleshooter again I met tough situations and I realized that no matter how best and efficiently solve the problems still is difficult to work in production area.
Time means money so until delivery the new equipment or finishing the job no one will be relaxed.

I met situations when they change the delivery time from one day to another. They push us and forced the people working under pressure to deliver on time the equipment.

For more in-depth information about hydraulics check regularly Troubleshooting page.

Spending lot of hours, struggle…but when the work is done I have a satisfaction that with my own thoughts put together and with my own hands and time I have taken part in finalizing the project.

I felt good the goal was achieved.

This is production a colored environment and like everything you do in life very dynamic and keeps you alive.

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