Rewinding electric motor

Rewinding electric motor a job which is often made în shipyard during dry dock repairs.

I notice that the job is done when the maker of electric motor is well known which means is a quality one or in emergency mode. When delivery time of a new electric motor to replace the damage one is too long.  Another aspect would be the importance of the electric motor. For example, a main engine auxiliary blower electric motor should be in good condition and available.

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Most of the customers complain the rewinding electric motor is too expensive. They should know the materials involved în making the job are expensive. The copper wire is a golden piece and the cost depends on the diameter of the wire.

In the shipyard, this job is done often and is an existing stock with the materials especially with the copper wire. The time with delivery issue can be saved în the shipyard which is a big advantage. Most of the time delivery time is a big problem which can lead to delays and loss of money.

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Also, în production area is certain categories of people which can do this job and perform it well. In case a special electric motor with a short circuit rotor needs a special attention and man-hour can differ and the duration of job can last more.

electric motor with short circuit rotor


Despite a bit expensive I believe that this kind of jobs rewinding of electric motor is better to be done in the shipyards because the man labor is good and materials are good quality.

So…better to understand the process and start to be judgemental after…

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