Windlass Escort Towing Winch

Windlass Escort Towing Winch

One issue I want to discuss: I received an issue regarding a hydraulic equipment Windlass Escort Towing Winch. It is a modification to add some valves in the system. This equipment is complex with lot of hydraulic component. The pipes and hydraulic lines fitted all over the vessel. The operation is difficult if not trained and the service of it is costly.

I received details, drawings that should be revised and agreed by the Manufacturer.

As I mentioned above, the office work is planning, analyzing, and giving a solution. I analyzed it. The hydraulic drawing of the equipment I have shown different than the one received. According to drawing, the modification was made in the shipyard, when the vessel was delivered.

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As I know from my experience, during the vessel construction phase, in the shipyard there are a lot thing going on. It is possible the related modification to be postponed or canceled. Also, the modification is related with a full series of vessels so, it’s extremely costly and the Manufacturer is trustworthy and famous.

Now they want an answer, the modification was accepted/agreed.

My point of view on this hydraulic issue is… it cannot be solved or agreed from the office without knowing the real situation on site. The decision maker needs to have all information and check with his own eyes, the real status of the equipment involved in this case the hydraulic windlass escort towing  winch.

For more in-depth information about hydraulics check regularly Troubleshooting page.

In this situation, I would recommend a visit on site together with Manufacturer’s representative and check the real situation. Then, a meeting with all the parts involved and decide if the modification is needed it.

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    I am working in service and I troubleshoot hydraulic systems. I work on field in marine environment since long time. And sometimes I am angry of what I get from the office. Lot opinions but very few valid and good specially on hydraulic side. One thing which never change is the information I got when you are going for service is always or most of time different with what I find on site and on vessel. But easy I got use to it and move on and try to do a god job when troubleshoot hydraulic equipment.

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      Thanks for your answer Cris.

      Nowadays I am working in the office after many years of service of hydraulic equipment especially deck cranes. I remember the day when I was inform from the office to attend for troubleshooting of deck crane for a small electrical issue and on site or on vessel it was a fire with the night before on the crane. But I understand though you cannot mention exactly what happen thru an email. And also the business behind all service job you have to keep in mind. All the time a service job it ends up to solved or check more then required. So be smart not angry…

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    I’m working in office in hydraulic dept. I don’t understand very well from where the frustration is coming. If you do your job as per job description and as you get paid it’s no reason to complain. From the office side of view regarding hydraulic system if I receive complete information from vessels I try to help all the time. I noticed thou information received are not clear all the time especially when vessel is in critical situation like delaying departure from dry dock repair. But still is not reason to panic that’s why we all working to try to solve problems…Isn’t it?

    1. Troubleshooter

      Yes ,mostly you are right. In a perfect world when everybody sees of his job. But responsibility and decision is important when working with hydraulic system and not only. When plan that a job is done in a manner and it is not done in that manner..then frustration is coming. The time and the money involved were lost. And if a company/firm is in a critical situation…
      When talking about troubleshooting and maintaining hydraulic system which are expensive the office work is to provide relevant information from the equipment Maker and Class/Registry where need it and spare parts to site work. Though good information from the equipment which is troubleshoot you get from vessel from on board manual.
      Check what means for me Production Area

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    I mentioned in my writing above a maker visit on board of the vessel. But this visit or inspection of hydraulic systems could be expensive and for some companies not worth it. Especially when you’re big and famous company. The studying and analyzing the issue can be done within the company with his own employers. For this study you need a good employer to be motivated as well. In this case the expenses will be reduced and hiring good motivated employees will be justified. This could be a good solution…don’t you agree?

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    I want to continue my writing by adding one comment related to hydraulic equipment Windlass Escort Towing Winch. From the entire series, there are some vessels that the modification with the valves modification mentioned in the article above has to be done. Two AHTW vessels are going to start the dry dock repair soon and they planned to do it.
    But from my point of view is still not clear. But nowadays my role is different. I cannot interfere too much, I did my job. My role is not to decide is to analyze. This could be a frustration…Isn’t it? Doesn’t matter the experience gain so far just the role you have to obey…

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